Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions About Camp La Vida

Why Camp La Vida? 

It is an awesome place where campers are at the center of attention. It is a fast-paced camp with lots of activities such as swimming, canoeing, archery, riflery, low ropes course and more. Missionaries serve as program guests and have a lot of interaction time with campers.

Camp La Vida has been in operation for over 30 years. It is owned and operated by Woman's Missionary Union Auxiliary to South Carolina Baptist Convention. WMU is comprised of age-level organizations, four of which are invited to attend Camp La Vida: Girls in Action, Acteens, Children in Action, and Youth on Mission. These organizations focus on mission education and discipleship, and if you would like the learn more about how to involve your church in WMU, please visit their website.

What is the goal of Camp La Vida? 

Camp La Vida seeks to provide missions discipleship education in an outdoor setting where a camper has the opportunity to hear the gospel, respond to the gospel, deepen their understanding of the Biblical imperative of missions, and hear from and relate to Southern Baptist missionaries.

When can my camper attend in 2019?    

June 10-14               MON-FRI | GA / Acteens Week
June 17-21                MON-FRI | GA / Acteens Week
June 21-22               FRI-SAT | Mother/Daughter Overnight
June 24-26              MON-WED | Mother/Daughter Minicamp
June 26-28              WED-FRI | GA Minicamp
July 8-12                  MON-FRI | GA / Acteens Week
July 13-14                SAT-SUN | Mother/Daughter Overnight
July 15-17                 MON-WED | GA / Acteens Minicamp & GA Leader Track
July 17-19                 WED-FRI | CA/YOM/GA Minicamp
July 22-26                MON-FRI | CA/YOM/GA Week
July 29-Aug 2          MON-FRI | GA / Acteens Week & GA Leader Training

How old must my camper be to attend?  

Campers must have completed the following grades in 2019: 
Grades 1-3: Mother/Daughter Minicamps and Overnights
Grades 2-6: GA and Children in Action Minicamps
Grades 3-6: GA and Children in Action Week Camps
Grades 7-12: GIRLS Acteens and Youth on Mission Camps / Minicamps
Grades 7-8: BOYS Youth on Mission Camps / Minicamps

What is the process to register and attend Camp La Vida?

  1. Pick a Date: Select a camp session to attend based on your schedule and the grade completed of the camper attending.

  2. Find Some Friends: Check with your church or others you know to see if their camper would like to attend as well. Campers can attend on their own, and will be housed with others similar in age.

  3. Register: Register as an individual or a group by submitting a registration with deposit or full payment through the mail or online. After May 1, 2019, full payment is required to complete their registration and hold their spot, no exceptions.

  4. Camper Packets Mailed to You: Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation and camper packet(s) to the contact name and address provided within 2-3 weeks (beginning April 15th).

  5. Background Checks: All adults and campers 18 years and older attending camp are expected to complete a background check prior coming to camp. The cost is included in your camp registration. Information will be mailed to you in your camper packet.

  6. Complete Forms: Each camper will need to complete the forms in the camper packet to be brought with them to camp. Parent(s)/Guardian(s) will need to read over all of the camper packet forms.

  7. Registration/First Day of Camp: Arrive to camp at the scheduled day and time provided in your camper packet(s). Completed forms will need to be brought to camp to be taken up during registration.

  8. Parent Liaison: Parent/Guardian will need to speak with the Parent Liaison during registration if they desire to be updated about their child during their camp session.

  9. Keeping in Touch: Campers will enjoy a wonderful time at camp, where you can communicate with them through mail (either mailed in or brought to registration) and/or Bunk1 emails (more information in your camper packet(s)).

  10. Pick up/Last Day of Camp: After a fun filled week, campers will need to be picked up on the scheduled time listed in your camper packet(s).

  11. DO IT AGAIN: Register again for next year!

Do we have to attend with a church/group to register? 

While most of our campers attend with a church/group, not all do. Many campers come on their own and have a great time! We place campers with others who are close in age, and also try to place them with other campers who have come on their own to camp. Campers have a great time making friends and new memories! 


When should I register my camper? 

Registration begins January 1, 2019. Because space is limited, it is best to register as early as you can to ensure a space for your child. You can also make deposits to hold your spot at camp! Your registration is complete once we have received your registration forms and payment.

How do I register my camper? 

You can call Michelle Schultz, 803.765.0030 ext 8500, to request forms be sent to you or to register over the phone. You can also register via the web or download the mail-in forms.

How much does it cost to attend Camp La Vida? 

The cost per camper/person for 2019 is as follows:
Week camp $230, Minicamp $115, Overnight $55

Can I make a deposit to hold our spots? 

Yes, deposits can be made between January 1 and April 30, 2019. Remaining balances are due on May 1, 2019. After May 1, your spot is only guaranteed once your balance is paid in full. 

Deposit amounts are as follows per camper/person:
Week camp $80, Minicamp $40, and Overnight $20. Regular refund policy applies to full balance payments only.

Deposit payments can be made online or through the mail. Please contact Michelle Schultz at 803.227.6205 or email to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

Do you offer any scholarships or discounts? 

We do not offer any scholarships or discounts. Fortunately, our pricing is still lower than many camps that offer a comparable program.

Do I have to complete a background check? 

Mothers/guardians attending a Mother/Daughter camp session, GA Leaders attending a GA Leader Track, and all campers 18 years and older are required to complete a background check at least one week prior to their camp date. Instructions on how to complete the background check will be mailed in your camper packet. Mothers, GA leaders and campers 18 years and older cannot attend camp without a background check.

Should an emergency arise that prevents you from accompanying your camper or group, the substitute camper/adult is required to complete a background screening. Contact Michelle Schultz at 803.227.6205 or email. if you have a last minute substitute who needs a background check.

What are your policies on refunds? 

Camp La Vida gives full refunds to full balance payments to those who provide a doctor’s excuse. Refunds requested after a background check has been processed will be less the $6 fee. Substitutions are allowed up until seven calendar days before a camp session’s start date. As space allows, campers may transfer to another session within the same calendar year.


Drop-Off and Pick-Up

What time does my camper need to be dropped off and picked up?  

Please refer to your leader and parent's letter included in your camper packet for more specific dates and times. You can also see drop-off and pick-up times on the camper registration forms.

Can parents come too? 

Mother/Daughter camps are our only camps that require a guardian to attend with each camper (1-3 campers per guardian). GA Leader Track sessions do not require an adult to attend, and we ask that only GA Leaders attend these sessions. All camps are fully staffed with college age and above counselors to help lead your camper through an amazing time of self and spiritual growth! Time away from home, school, and distractions allows campers to focus on God, pushing themselves to try new things, and make new friends. 


Staying in Touch with Your Camper

What if my camper misses home? 

Being homesick is a very natural feeling to experience when first coming to camp. Because we do not want a camper’s experience to be overshadowed by this feeling, we try to limit any contact between a camper and their parents/guardians while at camp. Our staff is thoroughly trained in dealing with homesickness and helping a camper overcome it. In extreme cases, parents/guardians will be contacted by Camp La Vida staff.

Can I contact my camper while they are at camp? 

We try to limit direct interaction between a camper and their parent/guardian while at camp. This is to help the camper to adapt to camp life and eliminate any possible homesickness. You can write to your camper by addressing it as follows: Camper’s name, date attending camp, 218 La Vida Road, Winnsboro, SC 29180-9605. also provides a way for you to email your campers for a small fee. information is/will be included in your camper packet and online.

Why no cell phones and electronic devices? 

Camp La Vida is a place to grow a camper's relationship with God and other Christians. Cell phones (and electronic devices too!) change that focus. Camp intentionally narrows a camper's focus from the world, the internet, and even their family, to God's world and what God is doing there. For a few days we try to show the world from a new perspective, with less distractions, and more time to see what life often misses. No cell phones helps us do just that! Thanks for your understanding.


What to Bring to Camp

Can my camper bring an iPod, their cell phone, or other portable electronic devices? 

No, a camper cannot bring any of these items. We have a strict policy against cell phones and other electronic devices that can result in a camper being sent home if found. Allowing campers to have these devices causes a distraction that can keep them from getting the most out of their time at camp. A guardian will be contacted promptly if there is ever an emergency with their camper. See question above for further details.

Can my camper bring snacks? 

We ask that campers not bring snacks with them to camp unless there is a special dietary need (nurse/staff should have been notified two weeks prior to camp; please call 803.635.6608).  Food is not allowed in the cabins because it will attract critters that we do not want! Campers will be given the opportunity to purchase snacks from the canteen twice a day.

Should I send money with my camper? 

Yes, you will want to send money with your camper. Twice a day they will be given the opportunity to purchase drinks and snacks at the canteen (ranging anywhere from
$ .50 to $1). They will also be able to purchase items from the camp store: t-shirts $8-$14, stuffed animals $4-$8, coffee mugs, water bottles, tote bags, pens, caps, stationary & stamps, and more!

What does my camper need to bring to camp? 

Here are some of our suggested items: Bible, pencil and paper, sleeping bag, twin sheets and a blanket, pillow and pillowcase, toiletries, swimsuit (covers midriff), shorts (around mid-thigh), shirts (no spaghetti strap tops, halters, tube tops, stomach baring tops), shoes with toes and heels (no Crocs or Heelys), socks, sunscreen, bug spray, towels and washcloths, raincoat, flashlight, and a sweater or jacket. Please make sure to put their name on all of their belongings.

What if my camper leaves something at camp? 

Contact Michelle Schultz (Email) and give the name of the camper, their week of attendance, and a description of the item(s) as soon as possible. Once we find the item(s) we will be happy to mail it to you, but you will need to pay shipping and packaging fees. Occasionally we can find people willing to bring the item(s) back to your area.


Camp Life

What does a typical camp day look like?

7:00 Rise and Shine & Cabin Capers
8:00 Breakfast
9:00 Track Groups
10:00 Canteen
10:30 Free Time (choice of activities)
11:30 Missionary Time
12:15 Lunch & Rest Time
2:00 Afternoon Activities
            - Bible Study
            - Canteen & Camp Store
            - Missionary Cabin Visits
            - Nature
            - Swimming
            - and more
6:00 Supper
7:00 Worship
8:15 Night Activity
             - Staff Talent Show
             - Swim Night
             - and more
9:15 Showers & Devotions
10:00 Lights Out

What are Camptivities? 

If you are attending a minicamp or week camp, you will be sent information in your camper packet about how to select your camptivities prior to coming to camp! This is a great way to fit in more of the camp activities aka camptivities you love to do during your time at camp.

We have a variety of camptivities which include: Archery, Baking, Boomwhackers/Percussion, Camping Out, Canoeing, Choir, Climbing Rock Wall, Creative Writing, Finger Weaving, Fishing, Games, Guitars, Hiking, Interpretive Movement, Painting ($2 Fee), Pottery, Puppets/Drama, Riflery, Sign Language, Spanish, and Talking with a Missionary.

How is the camp food? 

Our kitchen staff does an amazing job making sure each meal is healthy and balanced. Special dietary needs are met if noted on their health forms and staff is made aware of the need at least 2 weeks prior to coming to camp (please call 803.635.6608). Campers will tell you that one of the highlights of camp is the food; “may be even better than my mom’s food!” 


Cabin Arrangements

Where will my camper sleep? 

Your camper will be housed in one of our 16 air-conditioned cabins. Each cabin houses 12-14 campers. Campers will sleep on extra-long twin-sized bunk beds. Bathrooms are housed within each cabin.

Can campers choose their own cabinmates? 

Yes, we do allow campers to choose one camper as their cabinmate. In cases where there is an odd number within a church group, one group of three campers will be allowed to room together. We try our best to honor all requests, but Camp La Vida reserves the right to rearrange cabinmate assignments as we see fit. Please keep in mind that we organize our cabins by grades and it is best to have campers choose cabinmates close to their own grade (no more than two grades apart, such as a 2nd and a 4th grader). Mother/Daughter camps keep mother/guardian and camper(s) together, and also allow them to choose one other mother/daughter group with whom to room (again, if there is an odd number of  Mother/Daughter groups, one set of 3 Mother/Daughter groups may room together). Camp La Vida does reserve the right to rearrange cabins as needed.

Can my camper room with their friend even if they choose a different camptivities? 

Cabins are assigned by grade and we do our best to honor cabinmate requests. Cabinmates are not determined by camptivity preferences, therefore cabinmates can choose different camptivities and still be cabinmates.

What if my camper doesn't have a buddy to come to camp with? 

Campers come to camp all the time on their own, and even have more fun sometimes making new friends!


Health and Safety

Is there a nurse on-site during camp? 

There is always a nurse who stays on-site during all weeks of camp and mini-camps (excludes the mother/daughter mini-camp).

What if my camper has medication to take during their time at camp? 

Any medication and instructions will be taken up during registration when you arrive at camp. All medication will be distributed accordingly.

What if my camper becomes sick at camp? 

Camp La Vida has a nurse on staff 24 hours a day, except during Mother/Daughter camps. You will be notified if your child is sick or needs any kind of medical attention.

What if my camper has special dietary needs or food allergies?

Our kitchen staff is happy to accommodate any special dietary needs or allergies. Please make a note on your camper’s health forms and make sure our staff is aware of their needs two weeks prior to arriving. You can email Cindy Skelton or call 803.635.6608 of any needs.



How do I get to Camp La Vida? 

Camp La Vida is located in the White Oak community of Winnsboro, SC. Please refer to your camper packets which include directions to camp. Our physical address is 218 Lavida Road, Winnsboro, SC 29180-9605.


How far are you from... 

Aiken 1.5 hrs, Charleston 2.5 hrs, Columbia 1 hr, Chester 30 mins, Florence 2 hrs, Greenville 2.5 hrs, Myrtle Beach 3 hrs, Spartanburg 2 hrs.



Who are the camp staff? 

Our camp staff is comprised of college-aged students. They are Christians, who have a love for children, youth, and missions. Each staff member is put through a selective application and interview process. Before camp begins, each of our staff has been thoroughly trained and certified in First Aid, CPR, and any special training their position may require. Many of them are returning staff and are experienced at what they do.

Can my camper become a staff member? 

Camp La Vida offers a Junior Staff position which is open to female campers who have completed 10th-12th grades. This position requires one week to be spent as a camper and up to 3 weeks as a volunteer Junior Staff member. In return, during their volunteer weeks of service they will receive free room and board, a camp t-shirt, a $10 canteen credit, and an invaluable experience that will enable growth and develop leadership skills. Our other positions, like Cabin Leaders-in-Training, are open to graduating 12th graders and up.