2019 Dates & Rates

Family Cox Missionaries speaking in cabins

Week Camps

For the camper looking to get the most out of their camp experience, a full week is the way to go. They will have plenty of time to fit in all the things they want to do, hear more missionary stories, and enjoy the pool each day. By the time campers reach the end of the week, they will be asking “When can I come back?!”


3rd-12th Grades

June 10-14 | June 17-21
July 8-12 | July 22-26**
July 29-August 2*


Rock Wall Climbers


What better way to be introduced to Camp La Vida than by attending one of our minicamps? Campers will enjoy making friends, experiencing new activities, meeting missionaries, and hearing God speak to them. While at camp, our trained staff will be there to guide each camper every step of the way!


2nd-6th Grades

June 26-28



2nd-12th Grades

July 15-17* | July 17-19**


Mother/Daughter Quiet Time

Mother/Daughter Camps

Sometimes things are just better when mom is around, so why not have her come to camp too? During Mother/Daughter camps, both mother and daughter will spend time worshiping God, making crafts, and creating new memories!


1st-3rd Grades

June 21-22 | July 13-14


June 24-26


Girls 2nd-3rd grade can now bridge from the Mother/Daughter Minicamp (June 24-26) to the GA Minicamp (June 26-28). The total cost for both minicamps is $240 per camper.

*GA Leader Track | **Coed Camp: Boys can attend up to 8th grade