Life at Camp

Good Morning!

Each day begins with your counselors waking you up for a jam packed day--there is no time to waste when you have so many fun things ahead of you! You will head outside to pledge to the Christian and American flags, followed by a thought of the day with scripture as we begin to focus on God. You will spend some time focusing on what He is saying to you as you work through your Quiet Time booklet.

Focused on girls who have completed 1st-12th grade

Get Energized

A short walk, and you will be enjoying a hearty breakfast in the Dining Hall in no time! What better way to get going than enjoying one of our delicious breakfasts. Yum! 

Morning Activities

This is your time to experience a variety of free time activities including pottery, canoeing, archery, riflery, interpretative movement, and many others. You will have a blast as you explore new things and make friends!

Meet Missionaries

Missionaries from around the world share about their ministry and how campers can be involved in their work by praying and giving. You will learn about cultures, people groups, and how God is working in these areas. Feel free to ask questions too, as our missionaries love getting to speak and interact with you!


If you are attending a minicamp or week camp, you will be sent information in your camper packet about how to select your camptivities prior to coming to camp! This is a great way to fit in more of the activities you love to do during your time at camp.

We have a variety of camptivities which include: Archery, Baking, Boomwhackers, Camping Out, Canoeing, Choir, Climbing Wall, Crafts, Creative Writing, Drama, Extra time in Store, Fishing, Flying Squirrel, Games, Guitars, Hiking, Interpretive Movement, Nature, Percussion, Pottery, Puppets, Riflery, Ropes Course, Sewing, Sign Language, Spanish, and Swimming.


Digging Deeper Into God's Word

Cabins have their own Bible study each day led by the cabin leader or another staff member. The interactive study helps you focus on Bible truths and also encourages you to apply missional teachings. Not only will you come away with a deeper understanding of missions and God, but you will have fun doing it as you enjoy activities that reinforce each topic.

Break & Refuel

Our campers always tell us how fast paced and fun Camp La Vida can be, which means there's not always a lot of down time. So rest time is imperative! Busy mornings and lunch give way to a rest period where campers can nap, read letters from home, and write in their journal or letters to home.

Afternoon Fun

Afternoons are filled with swimming in our big pool, crafts, nature discovery, visits with missionaries, and shopping at the canteen and camp store. Come away with fun souvenirs, but also with life-long friends.

Pull Up a Chair

Pull up a chair to the table, as dinner is served and you once again are nourished by food that you will go home and tell your mom about. Enjoy getting to spend time with your friends and counselors as you reminisce about the day you've enjoyed!

Worship Time

Sing all the songs you know, and a few new ones too as you come to the altar of God in worship and praise. Staff will lead in worship and our missionaries will challenge you as they speak on God's call for each of our lives.

Nighttime Fun

A camp wide activity is planned each night, whether it is a scavenger hunt, swim time, field activities, watching a crazy staff talent show, or cooking smores by a campfire your night is not nearly over before making these new memories!

Lights Out!

Whew! A day at camp is made complete by taking a nice warm shower, getting ready for bed, and your cabin leader sharing a devotional thought with the cabin before closing the day by praying and thanking God for all He did today. And what a day it was!